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Is Rait Castle open to the public?

There is no barrier to your visiting the castle which is located at Grid 894525, however it is muddy and, as you can see, it is overgrown. Do not try to get all the way to the castle in a low-slung car. If you do visit, please ensure that you shut all gates, do not let your dog disturb any cattle or sheep and respect the countryside code.


Do you want to make Rait Castle into a tourist attraction?

No. There is no intention to do anything except remove the trees and other plants that are damaging the structure and clear the area of undergrowth so that the remnants of the outer buildings such as the nine foot high courtyard wall, and perhaps the medieval chapel, can be seen.


How much will this cost?

I don't know. It is technical work and a professional estimate will be needed..

Do you need money for this work?

There is no intention at the moment to create a fighting fund. The work will be carried out by the landowner with assistance from Historic Scotland. Lottery, Leader and charitable funding should also be able.


Do you need volunteers to help clear the site?

Yes please! I am compiling a list of local volunteers who can do the non-technical work. Please email me.


I am visiting Scotland and would like to be shown round Rait and other castles.

Knowledgeable guides are available from Scottish Clans and Castles Ltd 


Can you tell me a little more about Nairn and other things to see there?




What can I do to help?

See What You Can Do